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There are two types of basic attacks in Anarchy Reigns, weak and strong.

By combining these buttons in combination, and varying their timing, you can execute devastating combos. Delay combos are an especially useful way to hurt your foes and can be accomplished by putting a small pause after certain button presses in a combo string to fake an enemy out.

Strong attacks trade power for speed, but there is another benefit to these attacks. Holding down the strong attack button will allow you to charge up a dash attack that can take enemies by surprise.


Defense is an important part of any strong offense… so BLOCK WHY DON’T YOU!

(Editor’s note: That doesn’t sound right… Not enough Anarchy there.)


Offense is an important part of any strong defense… so evade then counter-attack your opponent!

(Editor’s note: Much better.)


Grabbing things is an important part of Anarchy. Grab’n’smash. Snatch’n’grab. Grab bag sales. All total madness.

Grabbing in Anarchy Reigns is the same way. You can grab an opponent, an item, or in the Baron’s case, a lady, and throw them for maximum mayhem.

(Editor’s note: Don’t grab anything illegal. And definitely don’t throw people. Unless they are paying you to do so.)

360 Degree Attack

Remember when you were two years old and you would throw a temper tantrum at the toy store? You know, flailing your arms in all directions in an effort to get an action figure that you would eventually put in your mouth far too often then toss aside the next day? Researchers discovered that fighters can effectively use this technique in Anarchy Reigns, but only if it was given a better name. Enter the 360 Degree Attack. Just like a two year old, you will expend some energy executing this maneuver; however, it will also throw off any enemies around you and get you out of immediate danger. Who knows, your Mom might finally get you that toy if you do this attack well enough.

Killer Weapon

Killer Weapons are a killer feature in Anarchy Reigns. By pressing the L2 button on the PS3 or the Left Trigger on the 360 in a killer fashion, you will take our your Killer Weapon in an effort to kill your opponent. By attacking them with the Killer Weapon, you will kill their will to continue by delivering a killer amount of damage to their body, and most likely, soul. Killing an opponent with a Killer Weapon is a sign that you are a stone cold killer. A gamer with that true killer instinct. Someone so strategic and smart, you would have already realized we’ve used the word kill(er) 17 times in this paragraph. So pay attention to your Killer Weapon Gauge and master the Killer Weapon, as we have mastered the word kill, young killer.


Rage is a dangerous emotion. It is also a dangerous game system. You know it is dangerous because you have to build up a Rampage Gauge before you can use it. Screams danger, right? Once you’ve built up your Rampage Gauge, you can press in both analog sticks to fly into a Rampage that will speed up your character, make their attacks incredibly swift, and take off any limits to Killer Weapon usage so you can beat your opponent senseless!

Wait. OK. So normally, yeah, you can beat your opponent senseless. But not if they are in Rage mode as well. Then you will be like two video game gorillas fighting to prove your hairy supremacy over the other! The Alpha Apes of Anarchy match each other blow for blow until one comes out the winner!

(Editor’s Note: If we had any hairy characters, this would make far more sense. Japanese game. No hairy dudes. Sorry. Thanks for reading this far though! …And yeah, we know Jack could use a shave. He’s a busy guy. Cut him some slack.)