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Brawl to your heart’s content, no net required: the Simulator
Wait. Can I only play Campaign Mode if I can’t connect to the internet?
Anarchy Reigns labels itself a multiplayer online brawler. We know what you’re thinking.

But don’t worry.

Anarchy Reigns gives you the ability to brawl offline just like you would online, with its Simulator.

Anarchy Reigns comes with 11 different match types for online play, which all can be accessed through offline play with the Simulator.

Don’t think the CPU wouldn’t be a match for you. You’d… end up taking that comment back. AI can be customized according to match type. Even us on the staff, who played the hell out of the game, would get caught off guard and lose from time to time. The AI is, quite frankly, a masterpiece.

Use it if you don’t have the net, or as a way to practice some and work out your online strategy. Check out the Simulator, and be in awe.