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Work on those skills! Practice makes perfect.
Practice mode: pretty standard for your recent console fighting games. In Anarchy Reigns, victory may lie in where and when you choose to attack, but once you’re in there, the melee combat system is intricate, and you’ll need strategy. So we’ve got somewhere for you to practice. Here.

In Practice mode, choose the character you like and spar against the CPU while accessing your character’s list of moves.

While each character has the same controls, their moves get pretty different, so here’s the first place you’ll want to check out when you’re experimenting with someone new.

CPU settings can be adjusted as you like. You can determine their strength, as well as their actions. Have them guard, jump, or just be a sitting duck.

If you have the CPU constantly guarding, test out your character’s guard break moves. If you put them on the defensive and just have them evade, you can test if you’re able to pull a combo off without your opponent getting out of it.

Your vitality and Killer Weapon Gauge can be set to auto-fill or limitless. So work out any attack strategy you’re thinking of.

You can set the number of CPU opponents to a maximum of three, and choose different settings for each one. If this won’t help you get ready for sporadic melee combat, nothing will.

One of the biggest pluses of practice mode is no time needed for respawning or refilling gauges. This allows you to pummel your opponent until you get it right, without losing your concentration.

Got a character you don’t feel confident against? Have a new attack you want to try out? This is the place you’ll want to visit.