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Extra Rule Pack

Anarchy Reigns is packed tight with a whole hot slab of match types. Eleven in all, plenty to keep your brawling tendencies satisfied. But for those who might just want a little more, we’ve actually got two more special types prepared.

Go to the Playstation Store or Xbox Marketplace sometime and check out our “Extra Rules Pack”. We’ll give them a little introduction right now so you can see what they’re like.

Dog Fight:

You know that helicopter that enemies sometimes appear on in Campaign mode? The one you can take for a little joy ride yourself if you deal the right amount of damage? Damn it feels good to look down at the ants on the ground and use them for missile practice. Nothing beats flying around in the air and raiding the whole map while nobody can touch you.

Well, unless you’re playing this type of match. Dog Fight is a three-on-three battle with each character starting on their own helicopter. A heli for everyone! The objective is simple: try to pump as much lead into the other team as you can. Only, watch out. Once you get knocked off your vehicle and plunged to the sea, you’re treated as dead. The fight is arranged for the typical Dog Fight style: missiles, Gatling guns, and a boost to evade incoming attacks.

There’s no such thing as a cowardly back attack in a Dog Fight.
Attack from any angle.

Also, Dog Fight has a Rampage Gauge all of its own: use it to give your heli a temporary giant, almighty buzzsaw. You’re sure to make a few people piss their pants if you come at them with this.

Dog Fight grants a whole new Anarchy Reigns experience, packed into five minutes. If you ever need a quick break from pounding and bashing, use this match type to get some fresh air.

Mad Survival:

Sure it’s all good fun to pulverize your friends in a Deathmatch and so on. But sometimes, you want to enjoy the sense of accomplishment achieved from working as a team… right? That’s why we decided to make Mad Survival for you. Mad Survival has a lot in common with Survival mode, except a lot of the teams are based around not mutants, but playable characters from the game. It’s a Survival mode that meets up halfway with a Battle Royale, with the best of both worlds involved.

But don’t be tricked into thinking the AI’s going to be a pushover.
There are some tough teams lined up. Square off against those three from Strike One, a super-powered army of robots, fire-based characters with flamethrower killseeker foot soldiers, the fabulous three of item attacks… each team with their own unique motif, awaiting a challenge.

Take a look at the Femme Fatales in this Absolute Zero unit. Not bad.

If you’ve played through Campaign mode, some of the combinations that we’ve come up with can probably get a grin out of you. If you’re someone who can’t seem to bring themselves to play online, this might be the brawl to change your mind.