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We brought Jack over from Madworld, but I think we really stepped his authority up as a power character to the next level. Usually, when making a game, you start off with the well-balanced hero, normal build, normal stats. But Jack is taller than 6’6” and has arms the size of logs. And he was the character that served as a base for all the other characters, so all the characters were pretty much based on a muscle explosion. Jack looks like a character that can tear into a fight and keep slashing and slugging without ever backing down. In that sense I think he best fits the concept of the game.


Opposite of Jack as Anarchy Reigns’ other protagonist, Leo is the ying to Jack’s yang.
His color theme is white, opposed to Jack’s black, and he’s thin and attractive like a model where Jack is a huge hairy, weathered dude. His personality completely contrasts with Jack’s as well. Jack has been through a lot, and has the experienced, collected attitude to show for it. Leo still has the spontaneity and dissatisfied temperament of frustrated youth.
But let’s not be confused by his good looks. Leo’s at the top of his organization with regards to fighting ability. “Elite”. Young, attractive, talented… just the perfect combination to flame the jealousy of pretty much every male member on our development staff.


Baron is another character we brought over from Madworld. In Madworld, he’s strong, but sleazy, perverted, stupid, and yet incapable of being hated. For Anarchy Reigns of course we dared not touch this dynamite combination of characteristics.
Baron was modeled after the bird of fire, the Phoenix. His Killer Weapon, Super Sexy Fists of Fire, was named by our head of localization, JP. He seems to have some very deep affection connected to the Baron. A lot of the staff did. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to finalize his design. The whole developing crew is probably a little too demoralized.


If we’re going to have the Baron in the game, we need Mathilda. That was our reasoning for bringing her along from Madworld. Always by the Baron’s side, ready to show him some (violently) tough love whenever he acts like a fool, Mathilda is just an old-fashioned dominatrix. And for this game, of course we wouldn’t change that part of her for the world. In Anarchy Reigns, she was designed to look like a “punishment” specialist cyborg, but I was careful that decision didn’t end up having her sacrifice anything sexy. If we brought these characters into reality, she’d be the most revealing. If those thorns are what you think they are… we’ll let you make that decision.


To me, Sasha is the heroine of this story. At first we had planned on having her be very princess-like, which eventually evolved into making her an ice queen. Very piercing, cold eyes, body focused more on sculpt than just being thin. Intelligent, graceful, the perfect woman. We started her Killer Weapon back when we had the princess design for her. We made her be like Snow White, and her Killer Weapon had seven parts, just like the seven dwarves.
Not exactly relevant, but we actually used the same techniques for making Sasha’s hair that we did with Bayonetta’s.


He’s the leader of Leo’s unit, which means he’s the elite of the elite. Cold, calculated, and always thinking of the mission at hand, he may have a sly grin from time to time but never a real smile.
His creation simply stemmed from me wanting somebody with an electric Killer Weapon. He’s an entertaining character to watch on the battlefield, busting things up with style, sparking out heavy high voltage in all directions.
For Nikolai, we chose a Killer Weapon that doesn’t require any transformation. Lightning traces through his arms and reveals what’s going on under his arm casings. Not a bad design, in my opinion.
His name is a sappy pun in Japanese for “Double Lightning”, referring to his two electric arms.


Bull was the only character I OKed the design for as soon as I got it. I had asked for a robot with a jet hammer and a bull head, and the designer gave me what I wanted. At first we had planned to make him HUGE, even bigger than Jack, but as Anarchy Reigns is played in third-person perspective, Bull was so big you couldn’t even see the person you were supposed to be fighting in front of you. So we had to fight back the tears and shrink ‘im. So sorry, Bull. Making his motions proved to be a challenge as we wanted him to have groundshaking-level heavy attacks but good response. But after we included kung-fu into his person, we think we were able to fix him to be pretty badass. You don’t bullshit around with kung-fu: that was the idea.


He’s a ninja. Everyone… loves ninjas, right? Our team had plenty of ninja fans so having a character like Zero was kind of an inevitability.
What’s different about Zero is his Killer Weapon. Everyone else was designed with a Killer Weapon that involves some change or transformation. But Zero’s Killer Weapon is two orthodox katanas, nothing more, nothing less.
Katanas had a kind of traditional beauty we didn’t feel right about messing with… so we left them as is. But… we wanted Zero to have some sort of epic transformation scene. So after a good amount of deliberation, we decided to mess with where the swords come from. Pay attention to his sheaths when he draws his katanas – we designed them to be pretty complicated little gadgets.


I asked for Durga to be a kind of badass, don’t-mess-with-me-on-the-battlefield villain character.
Durga fights as mainly a “hit & run” character since he’s got a long distance Killer Weapon (his Magnum Revolver) and good speed. I was kind of worried this would make him hated on the battlefield for being cheap. And, I was right, I guess. He drove a good deal of the staff crazy.
Durga’s story is supposed to be that his leg got blown off in battle a long time ago and has since been replaced with cyborg parts. Which is why the character designer was able to fit that tail in; in reality it’s designed to balance his right and left legs.


Durga’s Robotic partner. Our idea was that a long time ago the two would run across the battlefield flipping out and kicking ass.
While Durga’s only got a mechanical leg, Garuda’s whole body is machine, so we were able to fit a few weapons, etc. hidden under his armor that I think’ll put a smile on your face.
In the designing stages, when we implemented Garuda’s ability to transform to a plane, our team was obsessed with him. He’s a pretty unique character in that you can actually have other teammates ride him while he’s transformed. Awesome.

Rin Rin

The game had so many badass girl characters, we thought we should put one in that was cute as well (though still a badass). We chose Rin Rin from Madworld, and and then gave her two sisters.
I told the character designer to do draw her however he wanted, as long as he doesn’t mess with her hairstyle. For that reason, Rin Rin might be the one character that showcases his tastes more than anyone else. The change from black and white to full color I think really helped her out in the cute department as well.
If you happened to have come across any flying detached erogenous zones on the character designer’s blog entry, those were Rin Rin’s.

Fei Rin

Fei Rin is the oldest of the Rin Rin sisters, which pretty much is why we decided to give her the most sex appeal.
Her trident has pretty good reach, giving her a comparatively safe distance to attack from, and making her probably the easiest of the three sisters for beginners to get a hang of. Still, she never seemed to be as popular as Ai Rin of Rin Rin within our development team. I think it’s because we didn’t give her a skirt?
But she still gets to pride herself as the breast obsessed fan’s go-to character. Which is something we here at PG care about. We got those things size-adjusted to just the right millimeter.

Ai Rin

For Ai Rin, we took Rin Rin and made her more child-like, innocent, and “mischievous”. After giving her the Killer Weapon of martial arts master Bruce Lee, we designed her to be the most aggressive fighter of the three sisters.
During our bug check, it seems like she was the most popular in character with everyone in the company.
She’s kind of insane, but so cute that you forgive her… was that the reason? Or just because she’s strong and easy to use? Because beating shit up with a little girl is amusing? The mystery may never be solved.


We had a lot of ideas for characters and their Killer Weapons, but we kept coming back to wanting to make a huge, plunging, transforming, human cannonball.
Eventually we started to design Oinkie and before long, he really did start to look like a pile of cannonball meat. But this made some of the staff just fall in love with him. It’s the power of fat characters. For some reason extremely loveable with game designers.
When Oinkie’s transformed, he’s actually the biggest character of the 16, allowing some cannonball crashing to be completely possible if so desired. Also, as Platinum Games is based in Osaka (kind of the strange distant uncle type city of Japan), we slightly prided ourselves in being able to work in a somewhat Osaka feel into his character.