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Anarchy Reigns In Stores Now!

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Hi everyone, JP from Platinum checking in with some good news!

Sorry to keep you waiting… (Wait, we should save that line for our next game that goes on sale in… Oh… a month!)


We are ecstatic to see everyone worldwide jump in on the Anarchy! To commemorate the launch, we’re sharing some high res art we created. Thanks to @pizza_ichigo on twitter for requesting this, as it makes something perfect to share with all of you! (Click for the full file, but beware, it is huge!)


If you are reading this blog, you are probably in a first-class seat on the hype train, but if you haven’t bought your ticket you can find out more about the game at

You can also check out the launch trailer SEGA created for the launch of the game.

Thanks for all your support, and we can’t wait to see you online! Let the Anarchy begin! If you haven’t already, make sure to let Producer Atsushi Inaba (@pg_inaba on twitter) and Director Masaki Yamanaka (@pg_yamanaka) know what you think of the game!


P.S. Follow me on twitter to find out when staff from Platinum are playing online with you. I also will be giving out some codes for the Bayonetta DLC if you didn’t get in on the fun by pre-ordering. (Codes are US only for now.) @pg_jp and @platinumgames

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Character design fit for Anarchy

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Hey, this is Yoshimura, head of character design.

Anarchy Reigns’s release is just weeks away!

This entry, we’ll talk about character design.

Anarchy Reigns is a multiplayer fighting game with 16 playable characters. Of course, all these characters have to look and perform differently in the game. Each character comes equipped with their own special “killer weapon”, and seeing how each character brings out their weapon is quite the sight. The problem with this, however, is that Anarchy Reigns is played from 3rd-person perspective, which means that you’re almost always seeing your character’s back. If there’s something special going on during the killer weapon sequence on the character’s front-side, you wouldn’t know. I had wanted to do something like this or this. But, the player wouldn’t be able to see it…

Therefore, all the characters were designed to have their Killer Weapon be connected to their back or their arms. Like Jack and his chainsaw arm, or Big Bull and the rocket hammer on his back.

Characters in Anarchy Reigns were designed starting from their back.

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Cut Scenes

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Hello, my name’s Takashima. I was in charge of the cut scenes in Anarchy Reigns.

Or, to elaborate, I head the cinematics team that makes cut scenes that advance the story.
While Anarchy Reigns is a game made for long bouts of multiplayer online pummeling, the diversity of each original character really comes together to make a solid campaign mode. Which, owing to, our team never went hungry as far as workload went.
In actuality, I sat around eating so many snacks that I gained weight… which is often how the story goes, but anyway… I’m here to talk about what went behind making this game’s cinematics.

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Pre-Order Now to get Bayonetta, Dogfight, and Mad Anarchy!

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Hey everyone, JP here!

Anarchy Reigns is less than two weeks from going global, and we want to make sure that you know exactly how to get your hands on all the content!

If you live in Europe and pre-order the game at retailers or online, you will get the Day One Edition, which includes the Extra Rules Pack and a playable Bayonetta!

Those living in North America can get the same content by pre-ordering at GameStop, either online or in-stores!

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Character Modeling in Anarchy Reigns

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Hey Everyone. My name’s Kotegawa, I handled character modeling in Anarchy Reigns.

Character modeling means taking the design “blueprints” drawn by the 2-D artists and forming them into polygon models to be used in the actual game.

Pretty much, I have to do the Frankenstein thing, over and over again. That’s my job.

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The music in Anarchy Reigns

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Tanaka here, in charge of music.

Random question. Have you been paying attention to the music in Anarchy Reigns? If you have, you might notice that it’s pretty original.

What we aimed for while making the soundtrack was, honestly, a new style of music. Beats you’d find heating up a fighting game fused with rhymes from the chilled out modern counter culture. We took Mad World (Anarchy’s highly acclaimed brethren) as a starting point, pushed it to be even smoother and faster, and ended up with a completely new PlatinumGames sound. All of the more than 30 rap-flavored tracks on the soundtrack were original compositions used to match the atmosphere of the game.

Here, I’d like to introduce the music staff who participated on the project while hopefully sharing some of the allure of the game’s music.

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Special effects

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Nice to meet everyone. I’m Kudo, in charge of effects. I handled Jack, enemy characters, and ATE.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for a blog, but here it goes.

Just to start off.

Some of you might be wondering, “just what are effects?” If so, check out my explanation on the PlatinumGames site for when I did Bayonetta (Link goes to the entry). It’ll give you a rough idea.

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Killer Weapon Animations

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Everyone! Hello!
I’m in charge of the animation in Anarchy Reigns. Name’s Muranaka.

Killer weapons.
A part of Anarchy Reigns that makes it what it is.
For this entry, I’m going to try to explain the animation that goes with each character bringing their killer weapons out.

But first, what is a killer weapon?
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A story that we just can’t seem to (KO) finish

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I love ferrets. So so so so so very much.
(especially my own, Muta. He’s 7. He’s the best ferret in the world.)
This is Narita, the assistant producer. Nice to meet you.

We’re going to take a little bit of a break from the developer’s… passionate stories and talk about debugging.

Debugging: finding bugs, and getting rid of them.

It’s a short word for an excruciatingly long process.

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