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How about a nice game of Deathball? 

Out of all the gameplay styles Anarchy Reigns has to offer, we think this one stands out the most. Is this a four-on-four… sports game? If you’ve grown a bit weary of all the killing and hatred in the other matches, let’s do what everyone normally does and take a nice little break with some refreshing future-styled sports. (With a glowing green ball).

Rules are simple. Take the ball, run with it, pass it, shoot it into your opponent’s goal. Whoever makes the most goals before time runs out wins.

Only, okay, there’s a little catch. The goals can’t be accessed right from the get-go. You’ll need to keep the ball in your possession until your team’s gauge is full. Only once you’ve filled it up will your opponent’s goalposts open. Drop the ball or have your opponent steal it before then, and you’ll have to wait until you get it back to start working on the gauge again.

When you’ve lost possession of the ball, do anything to get it back in your possession. Knock your opponent from behind, ambush them from ahead, there’s no referee.

Watch the hell out once you get the ball. They will come for you.

Watching everyone go after the ball, sometimes you just can’t help but kill the guy furthest outside of the pack. It has no effect on winning or losing, but we understand how you feel. We completely support your decision.

After the goal’s open, let’s see a Killer Shot!

Deathball has almost no ATE. The stadium has some serious square feet, so it’s easy to see what’s going on at any given time. Both sides battling for the ball, taking the lead, losing it… the constant scramble can be addictive.

And instead of being tied down by some slog of incomprehensible rules like you find in modern sports, the futuristic wonderworld of Deathball fits every player’s ideal sports ruleset: just kill anything that gets in your way. What a game.

Poor sport? Let me show you being a real poor sport.