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Three team Capture the Flag

This special match type has three different teams all in a mad dash after one flag. This time, don’t expect to find the flag in your opponent’s base. Its location is random. Find it quick and snatch it to take back to your base.

Look for the pillar of light that matches your team’s color: that’s where you need to take the flag.

In Anarchy Reigns’ standard Capture the Flag, you’ve got two teams of four pitted against each other. How you divide the workload between characters is critical in determining the match’s outcome. This time, things are a bit different though: each team is only comprised of two people.

The second your duo grabs the flag, you’ll be guaranteed to have four people breathing down your neck trying to grab it away. Everybody wants the same one flag to take back to their base, so the proximity of the flag is always a madhouse.

You grab it, they grab it back. You think you’ve gotten away and they close in, you’re down, someone makes it back to their base, the flag reappears somewhere new…

In Three team Capture the Flag, things happen fast. Which might be the biggest draw of this type of match. The match is constantly moving forward. Those who can keep up, are the ones who in the end will win. And in a way, you can say that having the flag pop up all over the place means the tides could turn at any moment.

Once your partner’s got the flag, it’ll be your job to hold off the other teams once they come charging for him/her. How well you can keep your partner safe from harm determines if you win or lose.

Even if you slip up from keeping your partner safe, there’s not really any time to rest. Where’d the flag go? Did somebody drop it? Do they still have it? There’s just a hell of a lot going on all the time. That’s part of the beauty of it, of course. It’s a fast paced adrenaline ride. Keep up if you can.