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Capture the Flag

If you’re looking for something to change your brawling pace a little, try out this match.
Doesn’t matter if you kill or get killed a million times. Because this match isn’t decided by kill count. It’s about how many times you can steal the other team’s flag.

Might want to punch them to get that flag back.

Someone who has the flag will lose it after taking a certain amount of damage. But if they’re still alive, the next moment they’ll just be pounding on you to get it back. Instead of letting things degenerate into a game of back and forth, let’s take our opponent out while we can. True, it may be a competition of who brings back the most flags, but it’s always good to use some violence to make all your troubles (and annoying opponents) go away.

You’ll have four people on your team. Who’ll attack the base? Who’ll carry the flag? Who’ll protect your own? Carefully decide roles in your team and victory will smile upon thee.

Be aware that you’re able to carry your own flag, not just that of the other team’s. If you feel it might be in danger, one strategy could be nabbing it first and running away.

Yes, and the flag can even be used to attack.
Kill someone this way and let them experience true shame.

Attacking, defending, deciding the right route. It’s a brawl, but there’s room for some military strategy in there too. Slam your way to victory.