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Tag Battle

Four teams of two, let loose on the map. This kind of anarchy quickly adds up to some intense co-op fighting.

Tag Battles take place on a huge stage, with eight players going at it. You might think you’re fighting in a Battle Royale at moments, but don’t forget: You’re not a one man army this time. You’ve got a battle comrade out there backing you up.

Paired up, you’ll have a clear 360 view of your surroundings. Should take care of any ambushes your opponent could be planning. Even if you’re facing an opponent somewhat out of your league, don’t underestimate the power of teamwork.

First thing you’ll need to do is check out the map with your partner. See what’s going on. If there’s a melee happening, there’s bound to be someone sticking out. That’s who you go for.

Watch for the right moment. Then hit ‘em with a Team-Up Attack. 

Different from the single player, adlib style you have to go by in the Individual matches, Tag Battles all depend on teamwork. Where to? Who’s first? Plan things out and deploy your Tag Battle skills (Team-Up Attack and Spartan Formation) when needed. Things’ll be sure to heat up.

Guard at the same time to pull off a Spartan Formation. 

You’ve got one friend beside you to help you stave off the incoming assault.
May luck be with you, soldier.