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Tag Deathmatch

Let’s do this! You and me vs. them. 

Tag Deathmatch tests your beautiful bonds of friendship by having players slug it out in a two-on-two style brawl. Whoever gets the most points at the end of five minutes leaves victorious.

If you’re wondering how your battle compatibility would be with a brawler friend of yours, this is where you get to test things out.

Tag Deathmatch takes place in smaller areas with a smaller number of participants. Meaning, if you and your partner work well together, you’ll clean the place up. But, if you guys aren’t exactly synchronized… watch out. The enemy will probably eat you alive.

Even the most battle-hardened opponent will have a hard time if they get left alone for two-on-one. Just keep that in mind.

And let’s not forget about our two skills unique to tag-type matches: Team-Up Attack and Spartan Formation.

Look at that foot. That’s going to hurt.

The Team-Up Attack is a grab attack that completely binds the enemy and deals some heavy damage. You’ll need to have on-the-dot timing with your partner to pull this one off, though. If you land it right, you can bring your opponent down to critical health in an instant, so watch for an opening.

This is Sparta…? Spartan Formation.

Spartan Formation is a special defense maneuver accomplished by guarding exactly on key with your partner. This crazy sphere of hexagons blocks any kind of attack, so, needless to say, it’d be worth your time getting it down pat.

Think you’ve got teamwork? Let’s see what you’ve really got.