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Team Battle

Two teams of four, take down your opponents then pound them some more.

Wait. How’s that any different from Team Deathmatch? Good question. Here’s where: classes.

Team Battle has three different classes: Squad Leader, Spec Ops, and Medic. Each comes with their own unique strengths.

The name of the game in this match type is follow kill the leader.

See somebody with a star above his head? That’s the leader. Go for him.

Players can infinitely respawn throughout the match, so it’s all about who can kill the enemy leader the most. And classes are assigned throughout varying intervals in the match, so you can’t always just keep hunting the same person.

14 kills. All right, not bad.

If you want to test your tactical skills, this is one of the match types you’ll want to try out. Team Battle requires you to think about how to kill the enemy leader while protecting your own. Receiving the most class benefits, should the leader advance to the front? Or should you he/she try to play it safe from the back…? Be careful with your militia, and let the enemy see hell.