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Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch has players drag it out in two teams of four, with one main rule: go for the most kills. That’s it.

For someone new to Anarchy Reigns’s online play, we suggest starting out here.

Different from Individual matches, with Team Deathmatch, you’ve always got someone watching your back.

If you start out somewhere like Battle Royale, everything in sight is a target, and targeting you. Someone without a lot of experience might get their head handed to them before they figure out what’s going on. Individual matches have things coming from all directions, so it’s often hard to find your footing.

There’s a lot less of this going on in team battles. The difficulty in understanding your surroundings decreases significantly. It’s easier to hang on in battle longer with players on your side, and you can feel out who to go for and who to run from a lot better when there are just two teams. And, since you’ve got people to watch out for you, you get to worry a lot less about if someone will be attacking from behind.

Being able to focus and understand what’s around you in a fight is key to battle performance. Team Deathmatch might be the first step you need to take to understand the enjoyment of a gritty rumble.

In Team Deathmatch, it doesn’t matter who on the team you kill, just how many kills you get. This means the character standing all alone is most likely to be an easy target. This is the person to go for to achieve victory. You can also take this to mean don’t be that guy. The best strategy for Team Deathmatch is to stay close to the other members of your team and create a strong offense/defense to pulverize your opponent.

Team Deathmatch teaches you the excitement of a heated brawl, coupled with the gratifying feeling of achieving victory as a team. Don’t pass it up.