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You and two allies against a revolving door of backbreaking mutant enemies. 

Survival is a little unique compared to other match types because you’re not out to fight other players. The goal is to work together and clean up the horde as fast as possible.

The mutants out there, of course, aren’t a freaking pushover.

Among the number of possible stages where Survival mode takes place, you’ll see mutants. A lot of mutants. More types and numbers than you’d ever see in Campaign mode or any of the other match types. Constantly marching forward to break down your defenses. The moment one ally is defeated, your team could collapse in seconds.

On the other hand, if you stay cool and learn a little teamwork, your team’ll be pulling off group attacks to tear the whole mob apart in instants.

Once you start to figure cooperative combat out, you’ll start to understand what Survival mode has to offer. Feels pretty good to let the blue blood spill.

Survival’s simple rule set offers a lot of support for players who haven’t possibly mastered the fighting system yet. If you’ve got someone capable on your team, you can just bash about without overthinking anything. And splicing a whole group of weak baddies can do wonders in the stress relief department. This is another match type worth trying out.

All-for-one and one-for-all.