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Cage Match

Let’s settle this, fair and square.
Ever played a game with your friends and beat the crap out them, only to have your sweet victory turn soured when they accused you of being a cheap-ass cheating maniac?
There’s a way to shut these people up, once and for all. That, pal, is the cage match. 1-on-1, no items, no abilities, no ATE. This’ll prove who really knows the ins and outs of the game.

No place to run in the cage.

There are three rounds in a cage match: each going for 99 seconds. First one down loses the round. Close to your standard console/arcade fighting games. Something a little different in a cage match is that your character will have 1.5 times the vitality, so it’ll likely turn into a feel-good thrashfest before each round is over.

Nobody to interrupt. Time to see what you’re made of.

Since there’s only one opponent you’re pinned against in a cage match, the rules are the easiest to grasp out of any of the other match types. No rampage, no auto-restore for Vitality. Use this type to really improve your focus on your character’s base skill set, or to settle the question of who’s really got game, no strings attached, once and for all.