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Battle Royal

This is the match type Anarchy Reigns was built upon. As many as 16 players facing off in non-stop melee action.

Gather this many people together on a sprawled out map and chaos… is an understatement. Don’t worry if you can’t find any helpless prey from the get-go. Take a lap around the stage. There’ll doubtlessly be some confused shmuck waiting to be clobbered.

Swift strike from behind, a.k.a. the no-defense zone.
No, no, no. This isn’t cheap. This is praiseworthy strategy.

In Battle Royale, items are lying about everywhere. Using abilities is also a-ok. Your character gains levels the more consecutive kills you earn, so use anything in your inventory to get those numbers up there.

5 consecutive kills ‘til level 3!
This’ll increase your Vitality and Killer Weapon Gauges.

Get defeated and you’ll be brought back to level 1, but you’ll respawn and be given the chance to earn your honor back. Take down the person who last killed you and score some revenge bonus points.

Sometimes, you’re just minding your business and all of the sudden there’s a bounty on your head. We all can sympathize. When this happens to someone else, go after them for extra points. Or just take out who’s at the top in rank, that’ll work as well. Whoever has the most points when time’s up claims victory. You may think, damn, my Sasha gets taken down left and right. Don’t worry about that shit. As long as she keeps the kills coming, 1st place is in sight.

At the end of the match, extra points will be awarded to the top-class brawlers: who used the most items, who dealt the most damage, and so on. This can bring some pretty significant changes to the final ranking, so it’s really anyone’s game until the last second. Might be a good idea to mold your strategy to go for these awards from the start.

You could pick a speed character and go for the most items. Or always swoop in at the last second to up your kill count. If you’re confident, you could earn a good deal focusing on who’s in first place as well.

That’s what’s great about Battle Royale. FREEDOM. This is the most extreme, chaotic type of fighting bliss you’ll be able to find in gaming. Sweet damn, don’t not try it out.