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Items and abilities will change up how you play the game by giving you special capabilities that open up new strategic possibilities. Properly using items and abilities will let you level the playing field against more experienced foes and make every fight a fair fight. OK, maybe not as fair a fight as the fair fighting in Ireland, but fair enough that you won’t throw a controller through your TV. Fair enough? Good. Now that the requisite non-sequitur is out of the way, let segue to the land of paragraphs lacking sentences with latin roots.


A variety of special items can be found and picked up. Items come in three different types; Recovery Items for restoring Vitality (Campaign mode only), Effect Items, and Weapon Items. Effect and Weapon Items are stocked for later use, while Recovery Items are used immediately. A maximum of two items can be stocked. These are used/equipped by pressing the directional pad left or right.

Using an effect item gives you a temporary advantage until the effect wears off. A Shield Item protects you from taking damage, though it is ineffective against Grab attacks.¬†After a certain number of hits, the effect will wear off. Another item, Stealth makes your character invisible to unfriendly eyes for a short period of time… We know you wish it was a longer period of time, but that wouldn’t make the game fair. Irish people might get mad. Anyways…

You can also obtain Weapon Items. Holding the left trigger will then ready the weapon item instead of the Killer Weapon. There are many kinds of weapons available: Rifles, Missile Launchers, Grenades, Traps, and even Satellite Lasers (Multiplayer Mode Only) that let you fry your opponents like the exploding human hot dogs we vaporized on the streets of San Francisco in Vanquish.


As you progress through Street Brawl in Campaign mode and increase your Rank in Multiplayer mode, a variety of Abilities will be unlocked. Some game types allow you to assign your character an ability, which gives you an edge over your opponents in battle.

These abilities can give your character all sorts of special buffs from upgraded recovery times to extra items to the ability to escape Grab attacks automatically.

They can make a fight unfair, so choose wisely.