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The music in Anarchy Reigns

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Tanaka here, in charge of music.

Random question. Have you been paying attention to the music in Anarchy Reigns? If you have, you might notice that it’s pretty original.

What we aimed for while making the soundtrack was, honestly, a new style of music. Beats you’d find heating up a fighting game fused with rhymes from the chilled out modern counter culture. We took Mad World (Anarchy’s highly acclaimed brethren) as a starting point, pushed it to be even smoother and faster, and ended up with a completely new PlatinumGames sound. All of the more than 30 rap-flavored tracks on the soundtrack were original compositions used to match the atmosphere of the game.

Here, I’d like to introduce the music staff who participated on the project while hopefully sharing some of the allure of the game’s music.

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Anarchy Reigns’ Sound Effects

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Hey everybody out there, I worked on sound design in Anarchy Reigns. My name’s Sakata. Today I thought I’d use this blog to talk about the game’s sound effects.
While the sound effects in Anarchy Reigns were made using a realistic sound base, the game also features characters that have gigantic weapons built into their arms. So the sounds maintain realism, but are also somewhat altered.
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